With Decentralized Network of Booking Dapp

Booking Dapp is a decentralized platform, which doesn’t cost you extra middlemen charges

Book Tickets Inexpensively With Blockchain

Get passes of your favorite events in more faster, secured, and inexpensive way, globally

On Simple, Aesthetic & Modern App

An app for future – making booking tickets more simple and cheap

Unique Features

Blockchain Network for booking tickets, availing discounts, and vouchers

Peer to peer Connectivity

We offer a decentralized network with no centralized authority to buy and sell tickets – means buyers as well as sellers save extra middlemen costs on transactions.


We don’t charge you high commissions to sell tickets worldwide, using Era Swap Utility – and maintain transparency and authenticity on each ticket you sell or buy.

Smart Contracts

To ensure the delivery of everything we promise, Booking Dapp uses pre-defined Smart Contracts protocol to make transparent and trusted transactions.

BookingDApp Showcase

This is how Booking Dapp looks & feels.

New Way Of Booking Tickets

Booking Dapp not only enables a decentralized network to communicate and transact for ticket sellers and buyers but also offers a beautifully designed app with unique and revolutionary elements such as; Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Tickets For Events, Globally

Pay for the tickets of your favorite events, concerts, seminars, and many more trending and lively events, globally, just by a single app without any middlemen interference or extra international transaction charges

Blockchain Security

By merging powerful technologies like Blockchain & Smart Contracts, Booking Dapp offers decentralized security to your transactions as well as transparency on costs we charge you on your tickets

Get in touch with us

Now issue and sell the tickets of your exclusive events, programs, concerts, seminar and many more on Decentralized Network of Era Swap – you can send us ticket issuing requests for your event with our mobile app as well web. Request now